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What time zones do staff operate in?

We work with clients in whatever time zone they need us in. We currently have teams supporting clients in New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, East & West Coast America and the UK.

What's your typical cost per staff member?

Pricing depends on variety of factors; Industry, Skills, Years of Experience, Scarcity of Talent etc. You can typically expect to save between 405 & 60% vs. hiring locally.

Schedule a call to get an exact costing from one of our offshoring experts.

What qualifications do staff members have?

Qualification requirements are driven by our clients. Clients can require a host of qualifications for our HR and recruitment team to screen for. Alongside qualifications, all of our candidates undergo a thorough background check including police and reference checks.

What is the typical timeline?

We work with our clients to meet their needs & timelines. Typically, we work to 30-45 day GO LIVE from proposal signed. Week 1 and 2 we source & shortlist candidates for your final interviews. Typically Phillippines workers are required to give 30 days notice to current employer.

What is the typical reporting structure?

Your offshore team becomes an extension of your onshore team which allows you as the client to decide where and who they will report into. Our operations and HR team will work closely with you to help structure this for a successful offshoring experience.

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