About us

Offshoring for next generation, growing businesses

We provide offshoring solutions that help businesses scale. Find the right people, with the right skills, for your business.

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Our numbers

Our impact in numbers


Cost Savings

On average, our clients save 55%-60% on the cost of resource without a reduction in quality of work when partnering with Amped HQ


Trees Planted

We offset our carbon emissions by committing to plant 5 trees, per employee annually. This is our way of doing what's right for our planet.


Client Locations

Servicing clients in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, North America, United Kingdom, and Europe.


Staff Retention

Our culture fosters staff growth & retention so our clients have long serving, progressive & happy staff


Industries Served

Accounting Firms, Agencies, Clothing & Apparel, Shipping & Packaging, Manufacturing, Solar & Electrical, Ecommerce, Hospitality, Technology & SaaS, and Real Estate.


Screened Candidates

Our promise; to find the best talent possible specific for each clients needs & requirements.

OUr mission

Redefining the offshoring experience for clients & staff

We believe that the best way to serve your business is by building a culture where every member of our team feels like they are contributing to something meaningful.

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OUr values

The core values behind our work

Our great company culture is what helps us deliver successful outsourcing / offshoring experiences to clients.

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We are committed to honesty in everything we do and the trust it builds with both clients and employees helps make us a better team.

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Amped HQ as a company values the health and mental wellness of its employees. In order to maintain our competitive edge, we strive to provide an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles.

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We all work hard to make our own dreams come true and respect each other’s time outside of the office as well. When it comes down to it, there are no strangers here; everyone is in this together!

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People are all unique, and we want to be a company that celebrates diversity. We recognize each individual’s differences in our workforce because it makes us stronger.

We’re a Positive Business

We are a Positive Business.

Empowered by CarbonInvoice we plant native trees to mitigate any emissions associated
with the work we do.