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Build a dream team of Remote Accountants

Whether you are a Startup Founder, CFO or a Partner at an Accounting Firm,  capacity pressures and talent scarcity and time to recruit cause interruptions.
Fill vacant roles effortlessly with the qualified talent you need to keep business ops running smoothly at a fraction of the stress and cost

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Increase Capacity

Build the talented team you need to deliver without ever hitting capacity or budget restrictions

Reduce Staffing Costs

Save up to 70% on the cost of hiring locally for the same role, quality of work and outputs

Scale with Ease

Build a seamless accounting & finance team that allows you to deliver and scale effortlessly

Why Hire Outsourced Accountants?

Moving accounting roles offshore saves your business time & money

Whether you need a junior accountant or senior CPA with specialised knowledge of US, UK and Australian tax laws; building an offshore team will help your business be agile, profitable & streamlined

Operating under your management, partnering with Amped HQ will allow you to stop wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates as well as save your business up to 70% compared to the cost of onshore staff with the same level experience & delivery.

Key capabilities

It has never been easier to integrate offshore talent into onshore operations

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Small & Medium Business

Offload Tasks

No matter what size, all business deserves a rock star accounting team. When finance is lagging behind, offshore talent can bring the finance & accounting knowledge for a fraction of the price of onshore hires without sacrificing quality of work

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Large Enterprise - Finance Leaders

Scale Your Team

Onshore salary expectations, scarcity of talent and effort required to hire, make finance leaders jobs, even harder. Try our 'Build My Team' calculator to see potential savings for your next F&A hire!

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Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms

Increase Billable Capacity

Trying to keep up with current clients and  grow but cant see a way to do that with your current team? Have staff work under your management, use your systems and work on your time zone.

Key Roles

Increase capacity, streamline processes, and unlock more  billable hours

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Transactional powerhouses ready to take ownership of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Recs & Back office support.

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Financial Analysts, Advisors with the skills required to drive business intelligence

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Generalist & Specialists accountants skilled in General Accounting, Best Practices, Management Accounting, Reporting.

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Audit & Assurance

Junior, intermediate & senior audit staff well versed in audit practices ready to integrate into any team

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Tax Specialists

Tax Specialists in almost every jurisdiction. New Zealand, Australia, UK, United States, UAE

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Payroll Specialists

Payroll Administrators and supervisors skilled and able to take on any level of payroll tasks & duties

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to hire great accountants


You Define the role/s

Tell us what roles you are looking to fill and what responsibilities, soft/technical skills & qualifications your ideal candidate would have


We find 2-3 candidates

We build a custom campaign and present 2-3 screened & vetted based on your specific skill & qualification requirements within 14 days


You choose

You have the final say!
We will offer the employment to the successful candidate as well organise their onboarding, start date and equipment

Case studies

The results speak for themselves

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