Aug 18, 2022

How Amped HQ Kept Its Attrition Rate Low

How Amped HQ Kept Its Attrition Rate Low

For some companies, managing attrition is like playing with fire: it's a dangerous endeavor that can be expensive and time-consuming. But when you're given the right resources to handle these issues at your organization, things become much easier. In this blog post, we'll show how Amped HQ has managed to keep its turnover rate below 2% in an industry where it averages 49%.

Amped HQ has been providing a slew of finance and accounting outsourcing services to companies around the world, with most of our remote staff coming from our Philippines operation. Despite this distance, and remote staffing setup, we are able to build a welcoming and inclusive culture through collaboration and communication that has resulted in a very low attrition rate. 

Our Awesome Team Culture

In the workplace, company culture can either make or break a company. This is why at Amped HQ, we always made sure to hire people who would fit in with our company’s culture. We hired remote workers so that they wouldn’t feel lonely and isolated on their own.

Our culture is what keeps us together. We consistently engage with our team to maintain this valuable company value that we cherish so deeply, as it makes work more bearable and enjoyable for all of us!

Culture has always been important in the office. To keep up morale - making sure everyone feels included even during less than ideal situations- we constantly stay engaged with each other through a variety of activities; from weekly game nights or monthly employee recognition to giving constructive feedback on projects early enough before they're due just like any good friend would do when you need help brainstorming ideas for something challenging.

We have an inclusive and supportive work environment

At Amped HQ, we're dedicated to providing a welcoming and nurturing environment for everyone. We put in the time it takes to build an inclusive team of leaders who work hard at supporting one another as they grow so that things can run smoothly on all levels.

We don't just offer a place to come and work, but we also foster an environment where our employees can be themselves at all times.

We are passionate about developing talent

When people are passionate about their jobs, they will work harder to improve themselves. At Amped HQ we have a dedicated team working together with our leaders who provide the tools and offer programs that can help anyone develop skills in areas where they need more knowledge or training.

We believe passionately that developing talent is important for both company growth and personal development of employees at all levels - from those just starting out on their career journey right through to seasoned veterans looking for new challenges. We're committed internally as well as externally by providing fellowships, mentorship & skills training.

Recognize and Reward Employees

We are appreciative for all the hard work that our employees put in and we want to show them how much their efforts mean. At each opportunity, we make it a point to recognize one of these amazing people as they deserve due credit.

We believe in rewarding our employees for doing great work and providing them all of the support that they need during challenging times.

Work/Life Balance

We acknowledge that our employees have lives outside of work, and we respect their time. The goal is to find a balance between the two things: life at home with family members or other loved ones and working hard during the day. To do this, we implement tools and technology that help them become more productive. We also outline processes in advance which will help streamline tasks by automating some mundane aspects of them - this way our team can spend more quality time on what matters most!

Our progressive work culture is what sets us apart from the rest of the companies in our industry. We know that having a strong team and an enjoyable workplace environment are essential for success, so we’ve always tried to create that with every project or initiative. And it seems like something has worked because not only do we have one of the lowest attrition rates in our industry despite being remote-based, but also employees seem genuinely happy here! 

If you think your skills might be a good fit for our team or if you are just interested in hearing more about our remote staffing services, schedule a call with one of us today!

Breaking down the work environment, company culture and leadership philosophies that has kept our attrition rate low.