Aug 18, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Paul On The Roll

Employee Spotlight: Paul On The Roll

Paul Arnie Reyes found Amped HQ as a way to have more stability and become a full-time regular employee. He had previously worked as a freelance accountant at an Australian company, but he wanted something that would provide him with the security of tenure and a company that he can grow and have a long-term professional relationship with.

When he applied online he recalls his first meeting with our Operations Director, Roby Rada, "Actually, the first interview, I met Roby. I was surprised because it was not the typical interview where they focus so much on your job experiences and technical skills, but focused more on cultural and behavioral questions," he says and adds,"it really showed how much they care about culture and the character of a person." He further explains that he really felt that Amped HQ is a company that puts people first just from the initial interview with Roby.

Since he joined the company in September of 2021, he can only describe Amped HQ in three ways: Enthusiastic, Professional, and People-oriented. He says he is proud to be able to be an Ampedster and how the team and his client helped him become better at what he does.  

"My proudest accomplishment is being able to gain the trust and confidence of our client," says Paul, "because of hard work and communicating properly with the client, we've been contracted to hire additional staff to support Keystone Bookkeepers."

Just a few months in his role as an Accounting Associate, Paul has satisfactorily delivered exceptional service to his client. Benjamin Coons of Keystone Bookkeepers commends Paul saying, "Paul has been an extremely valuable member of Keystone Bookkeepers since he joined in September. Paul handles our most difficult and complicated clients and completes his work with accuracy and a great attitude. We’re very lucky to have Paul as an employee and look forward to a very productive future with him."

Paul attributes communication as a key driver for success with his clients. He explains, "communication really helped me to build a great relationship with the client," he further adds, "we communicate regularly and I am very transparent about what's going on. We talk about what great things I've accomplished and what we can still improve on with the job. I'm lucky that the client is always eager to listen and work with me by sharing best practices."

Paul's excellent work dynamic with the client and his ability to deliver his tasks on schedule made him an Employee of the Month awardee Amped HQ. "This is probably one of the proudest moments I have at Amped," he reflects.

Filled with positive experiences, Paul claims that he is more than likely to recommend Amped HQ to his peers and family. He adds, "I really love the people and culture at Amped(HQ). We sure hire the right people with the right character(attitude)."

His advice for aspiring Ampesters is, "in whatever you do in life, don't lose hope and just be yourself."

You are so deserving of this award! You inspire us every day with your contagious joy and enthusiasm for life. Keep up the hard work, we see great things coming from you in the future!