Aug 18, 2022

Ampedster Spotlight: Merille's 1st Year Anniversary at Amped HQ

Ampedster Spotlight: Merille's 1st Year Anniversary at Amped HQ

Amped HQ is proud of its employees we fondly call, "Ampedsters", and this month we're putting one of our own in the spotlight: Merille Naval.

Prior to Amped HQ, Merille has deep experience in accounting gained from reputable organisations such as Hammerjack, PwC, and D&V. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is also certified and an expert in Xero and Quickbooks.

Merille is more than just the most musical(?), most stylish employee at Amped HQ. She's been vital in managing our biggest clients and providing support for Operations and Human Resources--all of which have led to a fantastic first year with us.

She has done it all: from helping manage some of our client engagements, to supporting key operational processes like HR management - she brings an energy that never seems to fade! With her creativity surging on an upward trajectory since day one here, we're excited about what next year will bring as well.

"Originally, what drew me to Amped HQ is that I want to be part of a growing start-up company that will create more opportunities for Filipinos," she noted when asked what drew her to join Amped HQ. She also added, "I aspire to help other professionals by being a support to the company in creating more jobs, and now, from 3 PH professionals, we have now grown quickly to 10 employees working for Amped HQ and that’s a big win since I started!"

Merille is one of the pillars that make our company strong. Her contributions have been very valuable in many ways and that is because her commitment is anchored on the success of our clients. She said her proudest moment while working at Amped HQ is, "whenever I pull(ed)through a specific task that I know my client would benefit from it. Also, whenever I feel that the team is having a good time and they’re being themselves."

She defines success in two ways, "One, success is when you find peace and balance in every aspect of your life. Two, success is when you have the power to uplift others and help them to become successful." And we couldn't agree more! Amped HQ believes that success is when you have the power to uplift others and help them become successful. Successful people, like Merille, know how to find peace and balance in every aspect of their lives: with themselves, with work, relationships--whatever else may come up for them at any given point.

When asked about what advice she would give to anyone who wants to be part of Amped HQ, she comments, "choose a company that will help you unleash your creativity, innovativeness, and problem-solving skills. Amped HQ is a start-up company with a passion for its employees growth and development. You are making the right choice to pursue your career at Amped HQ."

Thank you, Merille! For all your great work and we look forward to seeing more from you in the years to come. Happy Anniversary!

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