Aug 18, 2022

Ampedster Spotlight: Amped HQ's Math Wiz Al Harrie Mua

Ampedster Spotlight: Amped HQ's Math Wiz Al Harrie Mua

This week for our Ampedster Spotlight, we are featuring Amped HQ's Math Wiz and Senior Accountant, Al Harrie Mua. 

Al has done an amazing job of supporting and keeping our clients happy in just a few months. His ability to turn around tasks and deliver clients requests has been laudable.

This Certified Public Accountant has a vast experience working for some of the most exciting companies in their respective industries. From California to New Zealand, this individual knows how to make an impact and is ready to take on new challenges!

Prior to joining Amped HQ as a Senior Accountant, this CPA had worked with Scrubbed based out of California and William Buck located at its headquarters in New Zealand. With extensive experience serving various global corporations such as these two giants from across the globe, he's able bring his expertise every day into work here at Amped HQ! 

It didn't take time before he knew that he wanted to join Amped HQ, "It only took me a short conversation with the founders of Amped to know that I want to be part of the team." He said when asked what drew him to join us. He continued, "A 15 minute interview with Josh and Alex gave me an idea [of what] kind of company they are trying to build. What really hit me in that interview with them is that they are more concerned if I can integrate myself within the team and culture of Amped and not only with my professional capability. It shows that Amped is not only merely hiring employees but also building up a "TEAM" with a healthy environment."

Even in a short period of time working with the company, he describes his experience as, "awesome and progressive!" He said what he loved about the company most was its culture. He loves that it's a place where people can feel comfortable to share their ideas and be themselves.

For this optimistic guy, he thinks he is yet to have his proudest moment at Amped HQ. But with his great work so far, we all think that's not impossible at all and is very likely to happen in the near future. 

His advice for people who wants to join the company is, "Amped HQ is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to further their career. The culture that the founders are trying to build is awesome. Amped HQ is currently in an interesting stage. You don't just grow professionally but also grow WITH the company as a whole."

You're amazing, Al! Keep up what's working and keep challenging yourself! We know there will be more math brain teasers in the future because that's your thing.