Remote Staffing  for Growth Focused Enterprises

Build a talented Finance & Accounting team that can scale as you grow

When your business is growing faster than you can keep up, it's always a scramble to find great help

High Growth Enterprises Face Unique Challenges

Which of these common issues do you identify with the most?

Headaches from having to pay office space, benefits, fees, software, and inefficient processes.
High value team members getting buried doing mundane, transactional work.
You know your time is better spent in other areas
It's taking forever and costing a ton of time to find talented accounting help.
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In the past, finding talented accountants was expensive and time-consuming

Firstly, you had to find them. After 3 interviews, a month of negotiations and "another offer" they were finally good to go.

Then there's rent, salary, insurance, holidays, benefits, professional fees, software licenses - just to name a few.

Sound familiar? I bet.

Thankfully, we're in 2021 - and there's a better way.

Outsourcing your team means that we take care of the recruitment dance for you - what's left, is a simple, fixed monthly fee.

Amped HQ is the outsourced accounting solution that provides your company with a team of experts to get the job done

Once you've given the work to us, you can go back to focusing on doing the things you love.

When you partner with Amped HQ, you get fully credentialed accountants who provide the work you need today and grow with you no matter what comes up tomorrow.

When you’re strapped for time and know you need help right away, take the first step to take the burden of accounting off your shoulders and schedule a consultation call with us.

Leverage the power of outsourcing and offload work so you can focus on growth

Here's how we help build your expert team

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Tell us about your current situation, your accounting needs and your company goals.

Get a Personalised Plan

We put together a clear strategy for roles that can be outsourced  now and in the future

Build a Dedicated Team

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing the work is getting done on time and with excellence.

Build a Remote Team & Unlock Growth

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