Remote Staffing For Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms

Build a team of the talented accounting staff you need at a fraction of the cost.

It's challenging to grow your firm and add value to your clients when you're swamped by transactional, mundane accounting

Growing Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms Face Unique Challenges

You could benefit from outsourcing if you're dealing with any of the following:

You're facing a high volume of work and not enough hours to complete it.
Your want to meet demand and continue to grow but not sure how
Your stressed about losing clients to firms adding more value
The thought of going out and trying to find account talent stresses you out
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We know it's tough to find great people that can do excellent work.

Accounting has become less about who you have in-house, and more about finding & retaining great people.

Partnering with Amped HQ you get all the benefits of having a growing team of high quality talent remotely, helping you get through any season.

Qualified talent enabling your firm to scale

No HR headaches when you need to hire good people quickly
A trusted guide through the transition to successful implementation & onboarding
An awesome company culture with unparalleled employee retention
An effective tech stack and knowledge base

Company Culture

We pride ourselves on having created the kind of culture that's not only enjoyable but also challenging. We strive for this because it means our people can be truly satisfied in their jobs, contributing toward excellence with every client and leading to unparalleled employee & customer retention

From Stressed Out To Simple Solution

Here's our simple guided process to thrive in any season

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We spend time discussing your firms current situation, your staffing needs and how we can help you

Build a Strategy

Every firm is different so we build a clear strategy tailored to your firms requirements and growth

Build Your Team

You choose from a short list of highly qualified accounting staff who will be 100% dedicated to your firm

Build a Remote Team & Unlock Growth

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